On Set – Day 5

Another bright and early morning on set! I don’t think we’ll ever get used to those 6:30AM call times.

We were back at the Hawthorne house today for some exciting scenes. Today is the day when James Gaudioso (who is one of our Director/Producers) debuts as his character Ed Hale. Ed’s a reporter who has come to down and is looking to get information on Joseph, so he shows up at his home.

The afternoon had a few more scenes with Joseph, now in a manic state, having visions/dreams of his wife Annabel Lee (The Ghost).

Our day ran a little long, with a scene having to be bumped to tomorrow which means the scene Maurice talked about – where he’ll be showing a part of himself never before seen on film – will now be shot tomorrow afternoon. Continue to stay tuned for that one… trust me, not to be missed.

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