James Gaudioso

James Gaudioso is a filmmaker from NY and Illinois. He began bios professional working career as an actor in commercials and soon took to behind the camera as well.

He trained under Betsey Parish in NYC, the same teacher who coached Meryl Streep. After school James debuted his first feature film MEDIUM, which was based on his mothers life work as a clairvoyant. The film caught the attention of Cornelia Guest who sought to highlight him alongside his twin brother in Vanity Fair’s first ever RISING STAR ISSUE.

After arriving in Los Angeles, James worked odd jobs and paid the rent by doing acting gigs. He appeared alongside his real-life twin brother Anthony as the Boston Market Twins in 2008 running an almost 2 year campaign with the company.

In 2009 James began scouring the vast landscape for a feature length script. He worked hand in hand with his brother to create Obligatory Scene, a film which was given the green light in 09′ but later deemed to costly to produce. After a bit of Frustration James refocused his efforts on DUKE a film in which his brother had just authored and which was already starting to garner attention among several big actors and casting directors.

The film went into production in 2011 with James at the helm and marked his feature film debut as a director. James also made a cameo in the film as Joan, the tormented transgendered informant to DUKE’S misguided protagonist DARE and serves as the films linchpin for the character to change.

His performance was lauded as Brave and from their James went on to work on his sophomore feature film THE GHOST AND THE WHALE, starring Maurice Benard.

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