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On Set – Day 10

Today began the first of our two days worth of shooting at the Tuttle Pharmacy in Santa Rosa, CA. The character of Sweetie Jones is a pharmachologist. She has a little dog name Glory which Jack Lee ( [...]

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On Set – Day 9

We're in the heart of town this morning shooting scenes between Ed, Mitch and the Lee family. Ed and Mitch have a confrontation about the story Ed is doing on Joseph Hawthorne. Mitch, being related [...]

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On Set – Day 8

Another day, another dollar! Very early rise for more location shooting on the beach. Today, we jumped ahead to film the ending of the movie. Amazing, emotional, action packed stuff. Don't want to [...]

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On Set – Day 7

This morning we're filming some great scenes at a bar location between Ed, Tom, Dane & Annie. Dane, played by Matt Schulte, has a crazy monologue today as he comes upon Ed and Tom in Tom's truck. It' [...]

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On Set – Day 6

Today's our Friday, even though it's Monday!  Today we're back at the Hawthorne house for our final shots there.  The day is starting out with a great shot of Joseph and Sweetie in the front yard.  [...]

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On Set – Day 5

Another bright and early morning on set! I don't think we'll ever get used to those 6:30AM call times. We were back at the Hawthorne house today for some exciting scenes. Today is the day when Jame [...]

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On Set – Day 4

It was pretty cold this morning when we headed to Tomales after going through hair/makeup and wardrobe. We shot our first scenes of the day, starring Maurice Benard and Monica Keena, in front of the [...]

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On Set – Day 3

This morning we woke up to no rain! Yay! So far the weather has really been cooperating with us - aside from yesterday. We headed back down to the beach to watch Maurice, as Joseph, shoot some very [...]

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On Set – Day 2

I'd just like to start out by telling all of you how much you're going to enjoy this movie. It's truly going to blow you away. The acting, the directing, the story, the cinematography, all of it is [...]

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On Set – Day 1

Yesterday we showed you Maurice Benard talking about everything he does to get into character. Well, if you thought that was great, today's even better! Today is "the big day" where filming has begun [...]

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