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                1. Rosition Highlights of the exhibition

                  Highlights of the exhibition

                  Professional teams and high-ending audiences

                  ?  Core Buyers for Cooperative Competitiveness

                  The 19th CCBD in 2019 launched a new "CCBD Business Matching Fair". After learning about the exhibitors' exhibition products and promotion needs, we invited 8,000 high-quality buyers from Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces and municipalities, real estate companies, decoration engineering companies and distributors one-on-one to match demands and supply, and directly docked with the corresponding exhibitors. The 21th CCBD in 2020 will launch CCBD Precision Matching Fair in a more comprehensive and in-depth manner on the exhibition site.

                  ?  Call Center for Raising Visitor Attendance Rate

                  The call center team, with more than 50 fixed workers, will invite professional buyers in 800,000 + databases accumulated over the past 19 years by telephone one-on-one invitation.

                  ?  Ground Promotion for Improving the Permeability of Exhibitions

                  More than 100 members of ground promotion teams have adopted all-round promotion of CCBD to invite merchants in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces, municipalities, districts and counties. They made every effort to strengthen the industry permeability of CCBD.

                  ?  Gathering Professional Groups to enhance profession of audience

                  In the course of more than twenty years' development of CCBD, more than 1000 decorative building materials markets in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces, municipalities, districts and counties, as well as more than 150 trade associations/chambers of Commerce and Medias have formed cooperative partnerships. Joint invitation to organize business and member organizations to attend CCBD.

                  ?  Integrating Resources in an All-round Way to Enhance Industry Participation

                  Through in-depth cooperation with relevant industry associations/chambers of commerce, markets, industrial parks and Medias, we jointly sponsored and participated in the group participation in CCBD in 2020. And we made a comprehensive recommendation and publication of the exhibition in the industry forums, training meetings, academic conferences and annual industry meetings held by the cooperative units, and made in-depth publicity and related reports for the exhibition on the resource platforms of the cooperative units. At the same time, we will co-sponsor the Industry Summit Forum 2020 at the exhibition site.


                  Maximizing the coverage of in-depth promotion and publicity

                  The CCBD 2020 will use more new media and new forms of in-depth publicity besides traditional propaganda channels, such as online, offline and professional audience interaction, to ensure the presence quality of professional buyers, and achieve win-win trade cooperation and brand promotion for exhibitors.

                  Promotion of Exhibition Newsletters: Direct Mail, Short Messages, E-Mail, Customized H5 links for Exhibitors

                  New Media Platform Promotion: WeChat Subscription Platform, WeChat Service Platform, Weibo, LBS Precision Delivery (AD7), DSP Big Data Precision Delivery (Double End Delivery), Baidu SEM, 360 SEM, Precision Advertising Delivery on Baidu, Ali and Tencent Alliance.

                  Media Broadcasting: Cooperation with 500+ industry network media, 100+ industry professional journals, 300+ professional public media, 20+ popular newspapers and TV stations.

                  Industry Medias: jc001.cn, jcsb.cn, chinabm.cn, bmlink.com, Fengdi Media, chinamenwang.com, sortdoor.com, ujiancai.com, jia400.com of Huiya Media, jjzqw.com, 27580.cn(Chinese and Foreign Coatings), Thermal Insulation, Mortar, Coatings Magazine of Thermal Insulation, Mortar, Coatings, Magazine of, Magazine of China Forestry Industry, hosjoy.com, jiajues.com, K.C.Media, etc.

                  Mass media publicity: such as Sichuan TV 3, Sichuan TV 4, Chengdu TV 1, Chengdu TV 3, Chengdu TV 5, Sichuan Satellite TV, Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Business Daily, Chengdu Evening News, Sina, China.com.cn, Sohu News, huaxi100.com, Sichuan Economic Daily, thecover.cn, newssc.org, Tencent, Toutiao.com, Netease News and other provincial and municipal TV stations with advertising cooperation and exhibition news coverage.

                  Outdoor Advertisement Display: Outdoor advertisements are published in decoration markets, building materials markets and building materials industrial parks in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and cities.

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