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This film, The Ghost and The Whale, is so very important to us and everyone involved in it’s creation. We have worked really hard to raise money for the picture and when we finally did, it was one of the biggest blessings we could have ever hoped for. We found a wonderful team of creative minds and together we have marched toward our start date, so excited!!! We start production on February 6th and will be shooting in beautiful Bodega Bay for 4 weeks, can’t wait!!!


Here you can view the synopsis of the film as well as the current cast list.  However, to gain full access to this website and receive the exclusive content – such as photos, videos, interviews, etc – you must purchase the membership.  Your Exclusive Membership can be purchased within the website’s Store. Once your purchase has been completed, you’ll receive an email confirming your full access to this website.  Your access will last through the film and throughout it’s entire journey.

This exclusive to The Ghost and The Whale is a way to have a sneak peek into my first great starring role in a film which I’m incredibly proud to be a part of.” – Maurice Benard