First Day In Bodega

After arriving in Bodega (Dillon Beach) at 3:30AM, and after a good few hours of sleep, everyone was up and off to see some of the area – specifically for those who hadn’t been up to do any of the location scoutings yet. Maurice wanted to go down to the water, as close as could be without actually going to the beach, to record a video and as luck would have it he spots something in the water.

During the journey, they stopped at the church and school house from the legendary Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds”. We’re going to be filming a few scenes at the church and Sweetie’s house is down the street from the both places.

Check out some of the photos that we’ve added to the “Gallery”.

The afternoon ended up on the beach, where some very pivotal scenes are taking place during our shooting this week. Maurice showed off some of his boxing moves (just can’t stop him) and enjoyed some time with his son, Joshua, who also has a small role in the film.

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