On Set – Day 13

What a way to start off Week 3! Today is the very special day in which Tippi Hedren makes her cameo appearance on our set!

We started off with Joshua James Benard. Joshua, being Maurice’s son, is playing Joseph Hawthorne as a child. The scenes between Joseph and his father serve to help the audience understand why Joseph has some of the issues he does. (Updated note: These scenes have been cut.)

Then it was time for Tippi! In the scene, Ed Hale drives up to Mitch’s place (where he’s scheduled to be staying during his trip to Bodega Bay). A crow literally swoops down and nicks his forehead while Tippi’s character, Melanie (an homage to her character Melanie Daniels in The Birds), looks on. She has a classic line, but I won’t spoil you with it here.

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