On Set – Day 15

Today was a big day where we had to fit a lot of long scenes into one day. We had our Funeral Scene – which will serve has a flashback, the Graveyard scenes with the Lee’s and the end of Joseph and Sweetie’s date. All taped in the very same location as was shown in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds 50 years earlier!

Most of the cast was up early and on hand for the filming of Annabel Lee’s funeral scenes Father Reinhardt, played by Ron Hale, presided over the funeral with Joseph Hawthorne on one side of the church and Annabel’s family on the other. The Benard Family friends, the Chamberlains, along with Maurice’s parents Martha and Humberto Morales took part in being extras during these scenes.

With the Funeral wrapping up before lunch, the production moved down the street to the graveyard. There’s a few scenes there between Jack and Ruddi Lee that occur in the film after Jack’s gotten out of prison.

The night wrapped up with the finale of Joseph and Sweetie’s day. Sweetie lives at the school house down the street from the church and Joseph is walking her home. The scenes are lighthearted and show the sweetness between the two characters and how Joseph can do better and feel better while back on his medication.

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