On Set – Day 9

We’re in the heart of town this morning shooting scenes between Ed, Mitch and the Lee family. Ed and Mitch have a confrontation about the story Ed is doing on Joseph Hawthorne. Mitch, being related to the Lee family, doesn’t want them to know that he’s “friends” with Ed. Mitch then tries to convince the Lee’s – especially Jack – that he has nothing to do with this. Great work between James Gaudioso and Bryan McKinley!

For the next set of scenes, we headed down to the pier in Bodega Bay. Now that’s definitely a place you want to be when the sun goes down. Beautiful! Monica Keenan (Sweetie) and Timothy Brennen (Tom), have scenes where they discuss Joseph. Later, Maurice Benard (Joseph) has a great scene on some rocks where Joseph is talking to The Whale. There was a nice moment when a sea otter actually swam through a scene. No special effects needed there!

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